Bylaw 1-2022 discounts are still available in the new year for the prepayment of taxes on the following declining discount scale:


During the month of January – 6%

During the month of February – 5%

During the month of March – 4%

During the month of April - 3%

During the month of May – 2%

During the month of June 1%.

Tax payments can be mailed to the office, etransferred or paid at the municipal office.  Please contact the administrator if you have questions regarding your municipal taxes.


2023 Tax and Budget Information

Council approved the 2023 Budget at their meeting held April 4, 2023.  In accordance with the 2023 Budget the Resort Village of Elk Ridge Council set the 2023 mill rate at 2.77 for all property classes, that the base tax on unimproved properties be set at $100 and the base tax on improved properties be set at $200. These rates are remain unchanged from 2022 which reflects that was no tax increase from last year’s rates.

Some other items of note from the 2023  Budget:

  • $50,000 has been allocated to the public works reserve.
  • $10,000 has been allocated to the recreation reserve.
  • Council has come to an agreement with the District of Lakeland for the purchase or the former firehall building and land.

Tax payments can be made:

  1. Via online etransfer to
  2. By cheque or cash in person at the municipal office located next to The Wyld at 211 Arne Petersen Way; or
  3. By post mail to the address below.

 Resort Village of Elk Ridge

Box 171


Telephone No.  (306) 940-9052

Email Address:

Administrator:  Heather Scott


SAMA - The Saskatchewan Assessment Management Agency provides independant property assessment for most municipalities accross Saskatchewan.

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