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On January 25, 2023, the Board of Directors for Elk Ridge Utility Ltd and Council of the Resort Village of Elk Ridge formed a Joint Committee to review the feasibility and plans for amalgamating Elk Ridge Utility Ltd. under the Resort Village of Elk Ridge.

At Council’s meeting on April 18th, 2023, based on the recommendation of the Joint Committee, a motion was passed: “that the Resort Village of Elk Ridge agree(s) in principle to the dissolution of Elk Ridge Utility as a non-profit corporation and amalgamating its operations, assets and property under the Resort Village of Elk Ridge with the aim of establishing a public utility pursuant to the Municipalities Act”. 

The Joint Committee has been exploring the process of amalgamation with the assistance of legal expertise. The Joint Committee unanimously concluded and provided its recommendation that establishing a public utility under the Resort Village of Elk Ridge is imperative to assuring the long-term sustainability of our community’s sewer and water services. The following five-reasons for the amalgamation were provided to Council:

  1. The transition to a public utility not only enables council to fulfill its responsibility for ensuring a supply of potable water and a system for the disposal of sewage, but it also is considered the standard model for delivering water and sewer in the province of Saskatchewan.
  2. Amalgamation will benefit end-users by reducing the potential for substantial year-year fee increases. Elk Ridge Utility faces significant capital renewal costs in the next five to ten years and has limited options for financing as a stand-alone non-profit corporation.  As a public utility, not only will the utility have a broader set of financing options, but it also has a higher likelihood of success when submitting grant applications under the Resort Village banner. 
  3. A public works model provides a more standard staffing and service model in the community. It can help attract and retain a talented workforce in the community. There are also several cost and process efficiencies that can be realized by amalgamating different public services under the Resort Village model.
  4. Amalgamation eliminates the challenge of maintaining and sustaining a ten-person volunteer board and volunteer management team. All oversight, governance and management responsibilities will be transitioned to the Resort Village.  
  5. Community stakeholders will benefit from the increased simplicity, clarity and alignment to the operational responsibility and delivery of their public works services.

Any immediate feedback on this initiative can be forwarded to infoelkridge@sasktel.net



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